Roadmap to Excellence

The Roadmap to Excellence:

1. Identify and Recognize Fundamentals of Excellence:
Review the basics of Excellence and discuss them with top management. Obtaining top management's commitment is the most important step in this path. Everyone must be well aware of what is being discussed.

2. Review and Understand the Framework of MEC Award
Arrange a multifunctional team with members from various departments of the organization with the goal to learn the values, criteria, and the assessment process of MEC Award. Familiarity with the model brings about comprehension of the path towards excellence.

3. Perform Self-Assessment
To understand where one is headed one must know where s/he stands. Therefore, you have to acquire the skills to self-assess based on recommended methods in order to identify your position on the road towards excellence.

4. Prepare Feedback Report
Following the self-assessment, the strengths and areas for improvement of the organization in each of MEC Award criteria will be identified by the assessment team. Operational projects shall be determined to improve and achieve targets. The requirements and resources needed for execution of these projects shall be determined and obtained.

5. Communicate with Secretariat and Register for Award
Now you can apply and register as applicant in the appropriate level and category of MEC Award concurrent with execution of your improvement projects.

6. Prepare Relevant Documents and Submit It
Subsequent to registration you shall begin preparation of relevant document based on the format indicated by MEC Award secretariat. It may consist of the information acquired through the previous steps regarding the strengths, areas for improvement, and improvement, and improvement projects and must be submitted to MEC Award secretariat afterwards.

7. Participate in Introduction Meeting and Training Courses
MEC Award secretariat will hold an introduction meeting for the assessors and applicants. Some training courses may be setup for further acquaintance with the model and MEC Award process.

8. Document Review
The documents of all the applicants will be reviewed and assessed by qualified assessment teams.

9. Participate in the Award Ceremony
The award ceremony will be held annually one day after the holy day of Mab'ath. The award winners will be recognized and honored in the ceremony. The ceremony is also a distinctive opportunity for networking with top level managers of Muslim companies.

10. Site Visit
In case the applicant receives a score higher than 200 then a site visit will be planned by secretariat and the applicant will be formally informed of the plan.

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