Expert Committee


A) Committee Members

Experts Committee consists of 15 personnel, 14 of which are suggested by the award president and chosen by Steering Committee among academics, managers and quality and BE experts. The head of the Experts Committee is assigned by Governance Board. All members are assigned to their positions for 2 years.

B) Duties and Responsibilities

· Review MEC Award timetable prepared by the secretariat and offering it to the Steering Committee for final approval
· Apply necessary changes to MEC Award Manual and have them approved by the Steering Committee
· Define assessment criteria and sub-criteria as well as their respective score and propose it to the Steering Committee to be approved
· Define score range for each Level and propose it to the Steering Committee to be approved
· Identification of assessors and senior assessors’ required qualifications and knowledge for Steering Committee in order to be approved
· Documentation of the executive procedures for assessing the applicants in different levels and propose it to the Steering Committee to be approved
· Supervision of assessors/senior assessors’ performance
· Supervision of assessment procedures
· Supervision on publications
· Qualify special centers for assessors training courses
· Review the assessment criteria after each round of award
· Review feedbacks, comments and complaints of the applicants and offering the results to the Steering Committee.
· Offer the necessary suggestions to the Secretariat/Executive Committee.
· Preparation and offer necessary reports to the Steering Committee.


Dr. Sahar Almasri


Dr. Ebrahim Ravabedeh


Mr. Mohammad Buhannad


Dr. Abdoul rahim Jallad


Mr. Farshid Shokrekhodaee


Dr. Hasan Forouzanfard


Dr. Ali Taghizadeh


Mr. Farzin Entesarian


Dr. Farnoosh Bagheri


Mr. Mohammad Baraa (Saleh) Reda

Saudi Arabia

Mr. Hasnain Reza Mirza


Mr. Mohammad Buheji


Dr. Ataman Erik


Mr. Samoel Beshay


Dr. Mahmoud Essa