Assessment process

Three major roles are defined in “Assessment process” with clear responsibilities.
• Secretary
• Applicant
• Assessment

In this document we explained the roles and process to reach to goals defined by Award’s stakeholders. 

MECCaward secretary:

• Developing Vision, Mission, Objectives
• Applicant selection
• Assessor training and calibration
• Preparing Documents/Guidelines
• Preparing Tool box and conducting training courses for assessors to use the Tool box
• Tech. support and preparing other infrastructures
• Run the Jury and deliver the FB report


• Excellent submission: After the internal assessment done by participated organizations, they shall prepare the submission and submit it before the deadline to MECCAward secretary. Applicants have two options (classic version with 75pages or the enabler map with 25 pages) which are accessible by the website.
• Excellent Co-ordination: Forall of the registration process, submit the submission and further inquiries applicants can contact MECCAward secretary.
• Excellent Presentation: The enquired information from organizations should be clearly described and depicted in their submitted documents and later in site visit can be clearly addressed to relevant records.
• Excellent collaboration and communication: Applicants need to be assured about their communication channels with MECCAward secretary and assessment team in order to exchange the information on time.


• A Motivated team member: Assessors are qualified persons not just in technical areas but also they have a broad knowledge and experience of management processes and Excellence model.
• Trained:Assessors have balance of excellent interpersonal and analytical skills coupled with an understanding of the realities of operating environmentand theymust have the record of passed Assessor Training Competency Assessment in their records.

• A role model: Assessorsactively promote a good working relationship with applicants and communicate clearly. They give the applicants constructive feedback on their performance and suggest ways in which you could develop further

• Readiness for listening and learning as much as readiness for assessment: They are very good at perceiving the required information from the documents, meetings, site visits , … and turn them to the criteria’s in order to preparing a valued feedback report and reach to a logical conclusion to score the organization.

Key point in 4 phones of assessment:

Phase 1. Briefing
In this phase assessment team will be shaped and they will try to understand the application. They will reach to a first level of understanding the application and in case needed the lead assessor will contact the application representative to reach to a clearunderstanding and coordination for site visit plan. In this phase preparing the “Key Theme” for understanding the application is essential.

As in new method of assessment, the team will try to verified what they have learned from submissions document in the site, planning for being in the site is critical
In this phase lead assessor and applicant representatives would have the important role for exchanging ideas to get to a more accurate plan by considering different aspects involved in planning process. (Such as: assessor’s technical abilities, local issues, working schedules in applicant site…).

Phase 3.Site Visit
This phase starts with Senior Management Team Meeting (SMTM) and assessor team can follows the plan for data verification in different function with criteria owners. The team will have their consensus meeting at applicant site and will finalize the report there and send it to secretary for final review.
During this time “process support person” will support the team leader about any conflict which probably could occur or any other facilitation needed.
The secretary would finalize the received feedback report and get juries view about the scores and it will prepare the list of winners while sending feedback reports to all the applicants.
Phase 4.Feedback
As feedback is one of the most important deliverable of assessment process, secretariat of award makes sure that applicant will receive it and they can easily use it.
In this phase the secretariat may use help of leas assessor to clarify the unclear issues in the report for applicant. 


 Assessors 2007 (first round)


 Assessor  Country  Email
 Mohammad Buhannad UAE 
 Hassan Ali Rassoli  IRAN
 Maria Cucu  Romania
 Pierre Zana  France
 Farshid Shokrekhodaee  IRAN
 Hasan Forozanfard  IRAN
 Ali Taghizadeh  IRAN
 Farnoosh Bagheri  IRAN
 Dr.Mohammadi  IRAN
 Dr.Sahar Al Masri  Jordan
 Ebrahimi Ahoee  IRAN
 Moustapha Baghdadi  IRAN
 Ja'far Jenami nia  IRAN
 Dr. jallad  UAE – Jordan
 Dr. Rawabdeh  Jordan
 Emmanuel  Greece
 Attman Erik  Turkey
 shahriar sharifi  IRAN
 Dr. Maleki  IRAN  
 Dr. Mohamad Mohamady  Egypt