MEC Award Structure

MEC Award Regulations
MEC Award quality scheme was first proposed by a group of senior assessors from Iran's National Quality Award (INQA) to Islamic Chamber of Research and Information Center (ICRIC) in 2006. Following the negotiations made with other members of Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI), the award was finalized in September 2006. ICRIC has been henceforth assigned as the executive director of the Award. MEC Award Secretariat is located in, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran.

MEC Award objectives

To perform a leading role in enhancing the efficiency of ICCI member state organizations
2. To take advantage of the Islamic countries potentials to develop and advance the “Excellence Culture”
3. To encourage organizations to perform self-assessment, benefiting from the experience of qualified assessors in order to recognize their own merits as well as opportunities for improvement
4. To improve ICCI member states organizations' competitiveness in international arena and to increase their compatibility against global markets
5. To encourage sustainable economic growth among ICCI member state companies
6. To recognize and praise the successful organizations among the ICCI member states
7. To introduce Islamic countries cultural values in business

Content of this manual as included below contains the guidelines for celebrating the first round of MEC Award:

Definitions and Scope

1. Definition
MEC Award is granted on the basis of the content of this manual and its instructions. The award is established by the Islamic Chamber of Research and Information Center (ICRIC) to qualified organizations possessing the requirements set by the members of ICCI (according to No.3 classification of the Award)

2. Decision Making Reference

The MEC Award Governance Board is the highest decision making body.

3. Scope and Award Levels

According to the statute, all the proprietorships, partnerships, or corporations registered in 57 OIC member states as well as the international companies whose main share belongs to the OIC member states citizens can attend the Award as long as their line of business is in compliance with Sharia. For instance, alcoholic drinks producers and lottery websites cannot go through the assessment process.

MEC Award has three levels. Recognition & Award Levels require site visit, and if you intend to participate in the Award Level, you MUST also send us an acknowledgement/ reference letter from your respective National Award OR Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Introduction Level does not require site visit. Please learn about the levels and their prices below.










Site Visit


Up to 50

50 to 200

Over 200


1, 2




€ 500

€ 800

€ 1,000


3, 4, 5




€ 1,300

€ 1,600

€ 2,000


6, 7




€ 2,500

€ 3,000

€ 3,200



4. MEC Award core principles:

The core principles of  MEC Award are as follows:

a) Customer focus

b) Leadership

c) Involvement of people

d) Process approach

e) System approach to management

f) Continual improvement

g) Factual approach to decision making

h) Mutually beneficial supplier relationships


5. MEC Award Excellence Levels


(Seven Star) the winner is chosen among the candidates with the score point 700 and above. The Candidates that achieves the highest score is awarded the Golden Winner. A trophy engraved with name as well as a traditional handcraft will be given to the winner.


(Six Star) the candidate that gains the highest score in the range of 600 to 700 is chosen as the Silver Winner. A trophy engraved with name as well as a traditional handcraft will be given to the winner.


Certificates of Recognition

Those applicants that manage to display improvements in Organizational Excellence with a sufficient supportive evidence, if attain a better score than set points mentioned below, are qualified to receive the certificates of Recognition.



Certificates of Introduction

This is given to organizations that hold training courses and perform self-assessment properly and put their commitment into the practice. Based on evidence provided by the applicant and their Business Excellence roadmap, the organization will be qualified to receive one-star or two-star certificate.