1-What is MEC Award?
2-What legal bodies authenticate MEC Award?
3-What organization or legal person is the owner of this award?
4-What is the benefit of attending this award?
5-Is MEC Award recognized internationally?
6-What countries attend this Award?
7-Who were the previous winners?
8-What is the aim of this Award?
9-Our products must be Halal? Does our General Manager have to be a Muslim?
10-Who organizes the Award? Where and when is it held?
11-What is the executive and administrative structure of the Award?
12-Who are the members of the Steering Committee and what is their responsibilitiesa?
13-Who are the members of the Experts Committee and what is their responsibilities?
14-When is the Award held?
15-When should we apply?
16-What is the application requirements?
17-What are the costs of participating in the Award?
18-How should we make payments?
19-What are the assessment criteria?
20-What is the composition of the assessors?
21-What is the accpeted languages?
22-How can we become an assessor?
23-What model is the Award based upon?
24-What are the levels, their scores, and assessment logic?
25-What is the assessment process?
26-What are the registration conditions?
27-How do you assure the confidentiality of the information?




1-It stands for Muslims Excellence & Competetiveness Award. It's an award to raise and embrace the Best Practices in terms of Business Excellence in the OIC member states.See the OIC member states here.

2-This intellectual property, which is established and organized by the Islamic Chamber Reseach and Information Center (ICRIC), is authenticated by Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry. ICCI is a legal entity founded by Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Click here to find out more about ICCI.

3-ICRIC was appointed as the trustee to administer the Award in ICCI general annual assembly in 2006. This intellectual property is journalized as ICRIC's assets and does not belong to a single country.

4-Your organizations profile as well as the level gained is declared to the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry upon your request. ICCI dessiminates your information as a Best Practice in terms of Business Excellence through its means and media to all the respective member states, which adds value to your brand inside nd ouside of your country. You will also benefit from knowledge sharing by free participation in other organizations' assessment sessions as well as networking with our Business Excellence Elites (BEEs) during the award event. See our experts here. Having signed an agreement with the Islamic Development Bank, ICRIC will communicate your profile with IDB in a seperate letter that can facilitate to request IDB for financial aids and bonds. Find out more about IDB here

5-This Award is recognized and supported by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and Islamic Development Bank. See the OIC and IDB presidents' messages to MEC Award here. ICRIC, as a legal body for Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is responsible for its implementation, execution, and administratives. Find out more about ICRIC here.

6-According to the statute, all the proprietorships, partnerships, or corporations registered in 57 OIC member states as well as the international companies whose main share belongs to the OIC member states citizens can attend the Award as long as their line of buisness is in compliance with Sharia. For instance, alcoholic drinks producers and lottery websites cannot go through assessment process. However, they can still join the event and enjoy networking in a very friendly atmosphere with other attendees.

7-With respect to the levels defined in the Award, no company has succeeded to win the award level yet. However, a series of companies from Turkey, Iran, the UAE, Qatar, Jordan, and Pakistan were recognized and praised for their attempt towards Business Excellence in previous rounds. See the list of the last winners here.

8-The main aim of the Award is to facilitate trade relations between the reputed organizations in the OIC member states through introduction to the domestic and international respective references as well as the provision of a suitable platform to learn from the Best Practices through assessors training, participating in the assessment sessions,  and benchmarking.

9-if interested in going through the assessment process, compliance with Sharia is a prerequisite for the participant's scope of activities according to the atatute signed by the member states although your organization does not necessarily have to be certified by Halal certification bodies. For instance, alcoholic drinks producers and lottery websites cannot enter the assessment process. However, they can still join the event and enjoy networking in a very friendly atmosphere with other attendees. Personal beliefs has no place in the coordinates of the Award. The award does not constitute any religious or political inclination.

10-MEC Award Secretariat is in charge of organizing the whole event. The Award's Secretariat members have been appointed by the Islamic Chamber Reseach and Information Centre (ICRIC) and it's due to be held on 12th Oct 2014, Tehran, Iran. The first and secound round have been held in Tehran and Istanbul. See the previous rounds photos here.

11-The Award takes the form of four committees, which are Governance board, Steering Committee, Executive Committee, and Expert Committee. The administratives is handled by the Secretariat. To find out more about the committees' structure and their relations click here.

12-This committee is copmrised of 20 members who are appointed by the Governance board. The members are the Award founders, Golden sponsors, and previous participants' representatives. The head of this committee is appoined through voting among the members each three years. Click here to see the Steering Committee members.

13-The Experts Committee is comprised of 15 members from business sector experts, experienced managers, management consultants, and university professors from OIC members states, who are appointed by the Steering Committee. The members must be confirmed by the Award's president consent. The head of the Experts Committee is chosen among the members of Steering Committee through voting. This committee is responsible for decisions upon technical issues such as assessments, assessors trainings, and submissions review. The Expert Committee announces the applicants' level after reaching a unanimous consensus. Click here to see the Experts Committee members.

14-The third round of Award is held on 12th October 2014, Tehran, Iran.

15-You must apply by April 2014 for assessment. In order to paricipate in lavel I, it is possible to apply until the end of July 2014. Please click here to see the schedule timetable.

16-After sending an inquiry to info@mecaward.com, our colleagues will call you in 2 working days to give additional information and help you to fill in your Application Form. You must send the completed application form as well as the payment receipt to the secretariat. You will receive a confirmation welcome letter from the secretariat 48 hours upon your submission. Secretariat will be regularly in touch with you to assure everything is just fit!

17-Click here to get to know the prices. Please beware that the expenses do not include assessors' lodging and transportation. They do not also include your lodging and transportation for the purpose of attending the event.

18-All the expenses must be paid at once before assessment sessions. A registration is not completed until this expense is fully paid. You can either pay online or by your bank account. WWW Solutions Turkey is a trusted body to handle payments. Please click here to see how you can make the payment.

19-All the submissions that have been generated in accordance with the globally-recognized models such as Malcom Baldridge and EFQM as well as the National Models are acceptable. However, we use RADAR logic  for assessment. RADAR is a an assessment tool developed by EFQM. Find out more about RADAR here.

20-Each assessment team is composed of at least a head, one assessor, an industry specialist, as well as an interpreter. You are not assessed by the assessors from your own country.

21-We accept submissions in English, Arabic, and French.

22-You can send your CV to the Award Secretariat to join the assessments as an intern. Each applicant company  can have one person in other countries' assessment sessions. You can also participate in our assessor training programs to become a MEC Award certified assessor. How to become an assessor?

23-MEC Award is dedicated to recognize the best practices and does not confide in one particular model. You do not need to prepare a submission specifically for MEC Award and your previous legitimate submissions which are in compliance with the BE crieteria are accepted.

24-Companies are awarded from one to seven stars in the form of three levels. The levels are defined as Introduction  ( scores up to 200 for one star and up to 250 for 2 stars),  Recognition (scores up to 300 for three start, up to 400 for four stars, and up to 500 for five stars), and Award (scores up to 600 for 6 stars and up to 700 for 7 stars).

25-First, the submission is sent to the secretariat and the assessment team is formed. The submission is communicated with the assessment team. Assessors read the submissions and make the initial interpretations and complete the assessment booklet individually. The team gathers before the site visit to get caliberated. The site visits are coordinated by secretariat. After the site visit, the team gathers once again to reach a consensus and finalize the score. The feedback report is prepared by the team and sent to the secretariat. The secretariat shares your score and the assessment feedback with you. Then you will be briefed about how to join the event and make the arrangements for your trip.

26-There is no special requirement for attend Introduction and Recognition Level except preparing the submission. To attend the Award Level, you must provide a reference letter from your respective country's National Award or Chamber of Commerce and Industry acknowledging you as a well known good practice.

27-A code of coduct is signed by the assessors prior to each assessment. Obviously, the Secretariat does not recommend the disclosure of any confidential information.