A) Committee members

This committee consists of 20 members which are chosen by the Governance Board among the representatives of Islamic country's' excellent companies from different members of Islamic conference organization.
Head of Steering Committee is elected by votes of committee member and assigned by the head of Governance board fortwo years.

B) Duties and Responsibilities

Steering Committee holds meetings every 6 months, the duties of which are as follows:

· Assigning operative policies concerning permanent secretariat’s activities, Experts Committee and award executor.
· Analyzing the executive procedures time table which has been prepared by the executer and presenting to the Governance Board to be approved.
· Solving probable problems and making needed contributions for better execution of award ceremony.
· Analyzing necessary changes in Manual and offering them to the Governance Board to be approved.
· Analyzing main and subordinate assessment criteria and the scores and the changes in reviews (defined by Expert Committee) and presenting them to Governance board to be approved.
· Analyzing the score limits of each excellence level (defined by Expert Committee) and getting them approved by the Governance Board.
· Approving the executive procedures defined by the Experts Committee to assess the applicants in different levels of business excellence.
· Analyzing the Experts Committee reports on supervision of assessor and senior assessors' performance.
· Analyzing the Experts Committee reports on supervision of applicant assessment process.
· Supervising the execution of final award ceremony.
· Checking the results of applicant's' complaints.
· Offering necessary suggestions to the Secretariat during the project.
· Preparing and offering related reports to the Governance Board.

Note 1. The steering committee in its first meeting approves the internal regulations of the Steering Committee prepared by the secretariat.

Note 2. If necessary, extra meetings will be held under the supervision of head of Steering Committee.