A) Board Members

Governance Board members are comprised of five ICRIC representatives chosen by the Award president plus the chairman of the board assigned by the representatives.

Note.1. ICRIC’s current Director General, Dr. Mehdi Fakheri, is appointed as the chairman of Governance Board for the round 2014.

Note 2. The executive manager of the award is chosen by the Governance Board.

Note 3. Meetings are held and organized by MEC Award secretariat. Governance Board meetings are formal with at least two third of the members. The regulations must be approved by the majority of Governance Board.

B) Duties and Responsibilities

MEC Award Governance Board whose responsibility is to supervise the exactitude of MEC Award ceremony holds a meeting at the beginning of each period and checks the following issues:

1. Review the report of previous period presented by the MEC Award Secretariat
2. Approval of the timetable elaborated by Steering Committee and Award Secretariat
3. Approval of the main and subordinate assessment criteria and their points for current round
4. Approval of score limits pertaining to each level for current round
5. Approval of assessors and their qualifications
6. Approval of the country responsible for holding the next year's ceremony
7. Approval of the amendments made on the Regulation and issues related to the Steering Committee.
8. Choosing the members of Expert Committee and its head.

Note: The confirmation of Governance Board chairman or head of Steering Committee is required to arrange a meeting for the board.