MEC Award Levels

MEC Award Excellence levels:

Different levels of MEC Award Excellence distinguish companies according to their achievements in terms of business excellence and demonstrate to what extent the companies are successful in achieving it. Excellence levels, according to records ratified by experts committee at the beginning of each period are as follows:

MEC Award winners that include two levels listed below:

A:   GOLDEN prize:

 (7-star) the winner is chosen among the candidates of each level. Candidates, who achieve the highest score (over 700 pt) are chosen as the role model at the level of Islamic countries and will receive the Golden award.

B: SILVER prize:

(6- star) between the candidates at each level, those known as the role model and achieve a higher score (over 600 pt) than set point will receive the prize.

Certificates  of Recognize levels:

Those applicants who have achieved some improvements in organizational Excellency with a good management system, if attain a better score than set point as described below, are qualified to receive the certificate of Recognition


Certifications of introduction levels:

Is assigned for organizations that hold training courses and perform self -assessment procedures properly and put their commitment into the practice. Based on document provided by the applicant and their business excellence road-map, the organization will be qualified to receive the certificate of one of these two levels: